The Chainsaw is the perfect solution for remote or centralised monitoring of a multitude of environmental and process applications.

Extremely rapid deployment, with no development time, the system can be located virtually anywhere Internet access is available.

Operating from 9V DC or mains with supplied AC adaptor, the system is ideal for use in remote, solar-powered sites, from automotive, truck and marine hosts as well as industrial, domestic and commercial environments.

Requiring no specialist tools or skills, the Chainsaw can be delivered, installed and operating in minutes, with logged data available in real time. Your data can be supplied in raw form for later processing, or graphed in real time. We can generate alarms if parameters are outside specified limits, data can be linked to other websites for inclusion in your company's promotional or live monitoring applications ensuring 3rd-party, independent monitoring and transparency.

Only need a short-term analysis? The Chainsaw is available for short, medium or long-term hire, which includes monitoring, graphing, condition monitoring and alarms as well as data archival.

Quick Specifications